Overview of this Module

Module 4: The Prophetic (Part 1)

The purpose of New Testament prophetic ministry is to strengthen, edify, encourage and comfort people (1 Corinthians 14:3). With this understanding of the prophetic, it is easy to understand why the prophetic is an essential key to the health of the church and to the proper functioning of the other manifestation gifts.

The vocal and revelatory gifts associated with the prophetic often serve to ignite faith, affect healings and precipitate miracles. Because of its obvious importance, this course will devote two complete modules to the subject. Part 1 introduces the gifts that constitute what Dr. Turpin calls "the prophetic cluster." Part 2 covers the potentially problematic aspects of the prophetic and demonstrates how the prophetic applies to life, leadership and other areas of ministry.

In this module (Part 1), we will address these topics:

  • Introducing the Prophetic
  • The Prophetic Community
  • Revelation, Interpretation and Application
  • Guidelines for Personal Prophecy
  • Guidelines for Corporate Prophecy