Preparation for Module 4

1. After you have completed this Module, turn your affections toward God, enter the place of His presence and ask Holy Spirit to give you a divine appointment with someone who needs a word of encouragement. Then expect Him to highlight someone to you. Listen carefully for the whispers of the Holy Spirit. What will you say to this person to bring a word of encouragement, edification or comfort? Speak the heart of the Father to them, following insights gained thus far in this course. This practice is what Dr. Turpin often refers to as "prophetic encouragement." Once you have engaged in this ministry encounter, record in your journal what this experience was like for you.

2. Reading Assignment (Optional). In preparation for Module 4, you are encouraged to read the following sections of the Essentials for Spirit-Empowered Ministry (Early Release Edition) textbook:

  • Definitions for Prophetic Ministry and Leadership (pages 165 - 170)
  • The Purpose and Benefit of the Prophetic (pages 171 - 180)
  • The Prophetic Community (pages 181 - 186)
  • Revelation, Interpretation and Application (pages 187 - 190)
  • Corporate Prophecy (pages 191 - 202)
  • Personal Prophecy (pages 203 - 208)