Stewarding the Presence

Stewarding the Presence - Video. In this video presentation, Dr. Randy Turpin speaks of hosting and stewarding the presence of God. As Spirit-filled believers, we have the ability to carry and release the presence of God into atmospheres, situations and the lives of others. When we intentionally make ourselves aware of God's presence, we increase our spiritual sensitivities and our readiness to carry and release His presence into situations, atmospheres and ministry encounters.

Reading Assignment (optional). The following reading assignment from Essentials for Spirit-Empowered Ministry (Early Release Edition) correlates with this presentation:

  • Stewarding God's Presence (pages 77 - 80)

Reflection Assignment (optional). The Lord is present with us at all times, but there are times when He manifests His presence--or makes His presence known to us. When He manifests His presence, it sometimes means that He is wanting to minister through us in some way, or it may just mean that He wants to fellowship with us for awhile. In this Reflection Assignment, use the Comments section below to tell about one of your experiences with the Presence of God.