Overview of this Module

Module 1: The Heart of Our Father

Spirit-Empowered ministry is not just about us getting powered-up to do supernatural things. It is not even about discovering the right methods to activate the release of God's power. No, Spirit-Empowered Ministry is all about being relationally joined, heart-to-heart, with God, and being ready to represent His heart to others in ways that will make a significant difference in their lives. Spirit-Empowered Ministry flows out of intimacy with God.

If we are blessed to see someone delivered from oppression through our ministry, it is because it is the Father's heart to set people free. If we witness miraculous healings, it is because it is the Father's heart to restore the afflicted. If someone is uplifted through a prophetic word that we may speak, it is because it is the Father's heart to encourage.

It is so important to have an accurate picture of what God the Father is like. We see Him portrayed in the pages of the Old Testament in amazing ways, but He is most clearly revealed through the life and ministry of Jesus. Then through the agency of the Holy Spirit, His heart continues to be revealed, and He even involves us in making that revelation known to the world.

A significant portion of this course will give attention to the practical aspects of Spirit-Empowered ministry. In other words, you are going to learn how to actually do the supernatural works for which Jesus has called you. This course will guide you as you take your first steps. However, before you take those steps, you will need at least a basic theological understanding of this approach to ministry. Module 1 provides part of that theological foundation.

In this module, we will address these topics:

  • Our Father
  • The Goodness of God
  • Jesus
  • Holy Spirit
  • His Heart in Us
  • His Works Through Us