Kingdom Values

Kingdom Values - Video. We already know that the values of the kingdom of heaven are different than the values of this world. However, we do not always realize that even within the Christian movement we may need to take inventory to assess whether or not we are functioning according to values that truly represent the life and culture of heaven in the earth. In this video presentation, Dr. Randy Turpin examines values to which Spirit-Empowered believers should aspire.

Reading Assignments (optional). The following reading assignments from Essentials for Spirit-Empowered Ministry (Early Release Edition) correlate with this presentation:

  • Kingdom Values and Mindsets (pages 5 - 26)
  • Personal Preparations for Spirit-Empowered Ministry (pages 27 - 58)

Reflection Assignment (optional). Which of the values mentioned in Dr. Turpin's presentation seemed especially relevant to you? Why? Can you think of additional kingdom values that should be added to the list?